Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jay Allen Racing nets 3rd Bonneville Record

As a full Moon escorts Jay Allen Racing to The Legendary Bonneville salt  to attempt their Record Pass! The sun rises on yet another great journey as Jay Allen Racing nets 3rd Bonneville Record on Lil Miss Reliable!! The FXR that with the Heart of a Giant!! S&S Cycles 120" power plant. The record set in 2007 of 173.042 was upped to 175.375 Life is Good!. Lowell resident Jay Allen has not only delivering the impossible in the many ventures he's accomplished, but has enjoyed what others have only dreamed of and that's living life every day on the edge....and then jumping. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Holding now 31 land speed records, Jay Allen’s liven the salt dream. Long time resident of Lowell AZ, Jay Allen has made a name for himself on the vast Bonneville salts. Hitting his 31st Land Speed Record with a transmission that was holding by a thread with speeds that exceeded 184mph on a raw bike. Thanks to Chris Revas for a fresh tranny and tony Matthews for busting his back to replace it, Were in line with a 15mph headwind to attempt a record in the gas class! With legends like Burt Munro, Marty Dickerson, Gary Gabolich Jay is on his way to becoming one of motorcycle’s racing icons. With the weather not being a friend these last couple years however this year was crystal, and sure didn’t stop records from being broken.

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